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Why jump high, when you can get high?

september 17, 2008

Minns ni engelskläxan jag pratade om? Den som var en orgie i nödrim. Tja, det här var den.

Just another love song

  or An obsession for halting rhymes

My dear,

I’d feign my pleasure

just to earn my leisure

just for you, my treasure

for this love that you can’t measure


I’d remove my lungs

to get rid of your tongue

of all love songs always sung

of all things that can’t be done


you say I’m compelling

I say you are dwelling

Dwelling upon if this was meant to be

Dwelling upon all of your agony


you say I’m your obsession

I say please learn your lesson

love is just a superstition

just another long lost mission


… yes I know I am quite charming

you think I should bear a warning?

“This lady, she’s quite disarming;

stay away, it could be harming”


yes I know you love my scent

and I know I may seem distant

even when I’m in a room that’s adjacent

to your love and your desperation


but still I think we’re reaching an end

‘cause there are some things you cant mend

this is a letter I’ll never send

this is the love I’ll continue to pretend


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  • Reply Madde september 17, 2008 at 6:45 e m

    IB HAR FÖRSTÖRT MIG! JAG KAN INTE UPPSKATTA REN KONST LÄNGRE UTAN ATT ANALYSERA DEN. Typ "Hm, här har hon medvetet eller omedvetet använt anafora, samt allitteration. Och titta, enjambment, mycket intressant, en ceusura – ger ett helt annat tempo, fantastiskt – och hon jobbar med rhyme scheme som i…." och så vidare. Ibland blir jag bara sorgsen.

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